Friday, December 12, 2008

Pre-Winter in Ontario, some photos and stats

Ok, so this is not my house, this is the playhouse at my cousin's in Muskoka on December 10th. that playhouse (which is now used as a shed, but still called the playhouse) is at least 5'x6', and about 7 1/2' at the roof peak, which makes that snow, well, really deep.

because of this snow my cousin decided to come down early for christmas. she arrived yesterday. that is all of 14 days early for christmas!!!! well, ok, she needed to be here for the 19th because we have tickets to see the sound of music on the 20th, but ten days is still early! and she will stay after christmas as well. its going to amount to at least a 3 week visit for christmas, if not more. it all depends on how much we get on each other's nerves and how the weather is. this from a cousin who can barely tolerate us invading her space for a long weekend.
my mom assures me that she has mellowed out alot now that she doesn't have to worry about her mother anymore. i certainly hope so!

her dog is certainly more attached to her and whines and cries for at least half an hour when she leaves the house. last night, since cousin was in a guest room and not in her regular room, we tried to have the dog sleep with me. he cried at the door even though i let him up on the bed with me! he was quickly turfed out the door. i was in no mood for whiny dogs because of this:

ain't it purdy? i picked mom up from the aesthetician yesterday and slipped on her front step when i was leaving. i of course landed on that step. i didn't hit any other part of my body, just my lower back on the edge of the step. the bruise is just over my spine right now, i anticipate that it will grow, and i will get at least a month out of it. i like how it is sort of heart-shaped. i don't think i injured anything seriously, just gave myself a big painful bruise.

these are the joys of winter in ontario. according to mom, everyone is getting yak trax for christmas!

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