Monday, May 17, 2010


I am finally in all the courses I want to be in!

It involved attending 8 classes last week, but it was worth it in the end, but very nerve wracking, especially when the add/drop form that I filled out on Thursday night did not actually register my course changes until this morning at 10am.  I feel sorry for the poor secretary who got all those panicked emails on Friday!

I did not get into the archives conservation and preservation class, but I am ok with that.  I attended the first class and discovered that if I actually wanted to do conservation I would have to do a years apprenticeship anyway.  If I can't get into the class next time around, I am sure practical workshops will be just as useful.

I was worried about getting into digital libraries class, and while discussing this with a colleague, I remembered that I was 4th on the waiting list for Folktales as well, so I attended that class the next day.  The prof said she was fine with having extra people in the class, so I went to our departmental library to email the secretary to let me into the class.  There I discovered an email that said that I was enrolled in digital libraries!

So now, instead of not having enough courses, I had too many and had to choose one to drop!  My friends convinced me to drop our last required course, Management, because it is compressed this summer, and therefore much more work, and it is a course that will be offered every semester, unlike the others.  

So this summer, I have three storytime classes, intro to archives, and digital libraries.

Can we say "Summer or fun"?!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The algorithm

There is an algorithm that chooses classes for you in my program.

You choose your top 7 classes and rank them, and then the algorithm puts you in those classes if your ranking holds up to the number of people wanting to get into the class.

Of the 7 classes I gave it, it gave me 2.  That, plus my required course meant I was enrolled in 3 courses instead of 5.

I am on the waiting list for my other classes, which means that this week I am attending 6 classes in an attempt to get into at least one of the classes I wanted.  Why?  Because all of the courses I am remotely interested in are wait listed.  Even my reserves that I did not put in my 7. I found another class to enroll in provisionally, so I am currently enrolled in 4 classes.  That class is turning out to be very interesting, so that is ok.

Now, I am ok with just having 4 classes this semester, but it means that I will likely have to come back to make up an extra semester at some point.

What I am mad about is that they claim that there is no order to how people get into classes, it is all based on this magic algorithm.

Now, if that was the case, how did I end up being 4th on the waiting list for 3 of my five waitlisted classes?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Need to go back to bed

I just bought a box of salad greens.

I put them in the fridge.

As I was closing the fridge, I saw a box of salad greens and thought, "Oh damn, we already had a box!"

Then I realized I was looking at the box I had just bought.

Two Weeks of Dog

I am puppy-ed out!  I love dogs, and they pretty much like me, but I haven't lived with one for almost 4 years now since our dear baby bumpkins passed away, so it is nice to be home in a puppy-free environment for a few days.

I am just not used to the constant movement and need to entertain them or they will chew/do something they shouldn't.  I am kind of worn out!

Don't get me wrong, they are all lovely dog-cousins with their own little personalities and hilarious phobias and bad habits, I am just not used to them, and they are not used to me, so they were in constant states of "oh my god! the new person is still here!  she might pet me!  she might throw something for me!  does she taste different this morning?"  It is nice to get my fix once in awhile, but I sure hope my cousins don't have to deal with the hyperactiveness on a daily basis, cause it is very tiring.

I was glad to be heading back home to a quiet uneventful house.

Until we came in the door to two de-leafed flowers with their pots knocked over, and a little bunny looking guilty right in the middle of it, but not wanting to run away because the leaves were too tasty.

Is there any pet who leaves the houseplants alone?