Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Two Weeks of Dog

I am puppy-ed out!  I love dogs, and they pretty much like me, but I haven't lived with one for almost 4 years now since our dear baby bumpkins passed away, so it is nice to be home in a puppy-free environment for a few days.

I am just not used to the constant movement and need to entertain them or they will chew/do something they shouldn't.  I am kind of worn out!

Don't get me wrong, they are all lovely dog-cousins with their own little personalities and hilarious phobias and bad habits, I am just not used to them, and they are not used to me, so they were in constant states of "oh my god! the new person is still here!  she might pet me!  she might throw something for me!  does she taste different this morning?"  It is nice to get my fix once in awhile, but I sure hope my cousins don't have to deal with the hyperactiveness on a daily basis, cause it is very tiring.

I was glad to be heading back home to a quiet uneventful house.

Until we came in the door to two de-leafed flowers with their pots knocked over, and a little bunny looking guilty right in the middle of it, but not wanting to run away because the leaves were too tasty.

Is there any pet who leaves the houseplants alone?

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