Wednesday, December 31, 2008

the techno-gift

what do you get the girl who has everything? the girl who maybe needs some organization in her life?

well, that's easy! one of the season's hottest items: the Blackberry.

(for those of you who are very confused, this is to hold yarn for knitting so that your ball of yarn does not go off on its own attracting dust bunnies. the original pattern is here, but i left off the stem and made the starting loop in the lid big enough for the yarn to be threaded through (where the sticks are, it was a last minute photoshoot) oh, and i added a leaf)

(for those of you looking for consistency, this is very old technology. although i have never seen one crocheted before, apparently my great-grandmother had a plastic one shaped like a beehive (from Beehive yarns no doubt) that she used to hold her white yarn when she crocheted doilies. Not enough consistency? this is one of my hand-made Christmas presents, in this case, for my best friend. She loved it and had a great time comparing it with my brother's BlackBerry. she decided hers had better features, and he showed her that when you undid two of the buttons, it was then a "BlackBerry Flip")

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