Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hells Bells

In case you were wondering, i have finally downloaded my pics from the weekend, so, drumroll please, I hereby introduce you to my new doggie best beastie, Miss BellaBellaBella:

she was ginoring me because i was flipping the end of her tongue. Who can resist the drying out end of a puppy tongue? And look at all that glorious flabgas! She was also on lookout for her friend "The Duffer", the 'possum that she has caught a few times. So this look is pensive concentration, not a mean "i am this close to biting you" look.

like i said in the previous post, her tongue does not fit in her mouth, poor thing. The mean things we do to dogs to breed them for specific things. boxers were bred for bull baiting, so their noses are so far back so that they can still breathe while they are biting onto a bull. American boxers have had their noses bred out a bit longer again, but apparently, Bella is a German style boxer.

(for those out of the know, flabgas is the nice ripply jowly bits on dogs, best seen flopped over when they are lying on their backs, or flapping in the breeze when they stick their head out the window)
Edit: I should probably have spelled that "flabgass", with two "s" because the second syllable is pronounced the same as "gas" for your car. so hard to know when it is a made up spoken word. It is generally spoken in an "aww, cute puppy" voice while manipulating said flabgass to give the dog a variety of funny faces.


Queen of West Procrastination said...

Oh my goodness, the puppy. I love that puppy.

C said...

isn't she sweet?