Thursday, February 19, 2009

oh leonard!

ok, so i listen to a lot of leonard cohen, mainly because i have the "essential" collection and loaded the entire thing onto my itunes.  plus he is awesome.  anyway, yesterday i was listening to "Anthem" and one line that repeats is "there is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in."

and it drove me nuts, because i knew i had heard someone quote it recently, and i couldn't remember where!  at first i thought TV, but the recent NCIS was in my head, and it was just too intellectual for Denozo.  Then i thought maybe it was a recent sermon at church, our minister used "darkness" as a theme during advent, and is now using "light" for epiphany.  but he is far too aware of the older people in church to use a pop culture reference, even if it is over 20 years old.

and then it came to me: Dr. Tom!

my mom and i have been watching Being Erica on CBC, and Dr. Tom is her shrink who spews appropriate quotations.  he used this quote as one of the many to assure her that things don't have to be perfect all the time.   oh, Dr. Tom, you are so wise.

and i remembered just in time too, because they put Erica on a new night and i almost forgot!  it is such an awesome show, my mother actually likes it, and will sit still long enough to watch an entire episode, and feel badly about missing it.  She wanted me to tape last night's episode for her because she was going out, but i assured her that a) we have no blank vhs tapes anymore, and b) full episodes are available on the CBC website.  I don't think my mom has been this excited about a show ever.  if you haven't seen it, you need to, it is extremely good.

ok, back to thesis and more leonard

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