Friday, February 27, 2009


finished chapter 3!  it was a real beast.  

now i need to get all these edits approved by the head honcho, write a conclusion (i have to conclude something? yuck!), edit my appendix proof, re-edit everything, send it off to the rest of my committee, re-edit again, find an external examiner, fix up my footnotes and formatting, write an abstract (ha ha ha, yeah right), and then declare it done and send it off.

then i get to defend, throw up in front of everyone or start shaking uncontrollably in nervousness and hypoglycemia (domestic feminist has seen this, tonnes of fun!)  generally make a fool of myself, maybe even get tongue tied, yay!  fun for all!  i even plan on inviting all the lower years so they get to see how its done!  oh goody!

then i get to re-edit everything, and maybe send off copies to people who have inspired me, like the guy who wrote the book i quote all the time, and my old boss who let me use this data.

then a few years later, i will look at it again and maybe make it into a few articles.

oh, yeah, i feel great after writing all that out.  so much to look forward to!  

(can you tell i come from a long line of sarcastic people?)


Anonymous said...

Conclusions are the worst. I always feel silly writing them and like I'm repeating myself.

C said...

exactly! i always end up with a three paragraph thing that just says "i said this, ain't i smart?"

Anonymous said...

Ah, but it is all fun. I'm reading a friend's thesis now... Can't wait to write mine again.

Congrats though.

and see you on an island somewhere in the sun :)

Star Dr.