Friday, March 6, 2009


so, i have made friends with the girl who lives across the street, and i was over there this evening. this is the first time i have hung out at her house just the two of us.

during the course of the evening, we got to playing around with her iTunes and decided to purge alot of "boy" music from her ex-boyfriend. isn't it nice how boys always want to put the stuff that is on their computer on yours? i guess it makes them feel at home, but i hate being stuck listening to their crap once they've gone. or dealing with extra programs you just don't need.

anyway, somewhere in the course of all this, i realized who her ex was, and that i knew him in undergrad, and actually went out on a disastrous date with him once which wasn't really a date (we were supposed to go out as a group, but i think my roommate manipulated it so that it ended up being just me and him. he was not pleased about being manipulated. i was not pleased about being thought to be a manipulating bitch)

anyway, i figured out who he was because i thought i saw them walking together one day a couple months ago, and then there were some songs he had written on her itunes.

so question: Do i let her know that i knew him, even though she doesn't really talk about him and hasn't even told me his name? or maybe just wait until it comes up in conversation sometime? we are just newly friends, so i don't know how she would react. its not like its a bad thing, i can just never bring these things up casually, and then it sounds like i know more than i do. bah!

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Anonymous said...

I think I'd wait on that one.