Sunday, April 19, 2009

Reality Bites

Last night I was having a really good dream. (Not one of those dreams, geez people!)

My dream had adventure and intrigue and secret passages and a chocolate milk factory and a black Baptist church! It was awesome! Except for one small problem...

I made a sound like a bullfrog every few minutes. A deep throaty croak.

I had no control over it, and whenever it happened, people in my dream looked at me with a startled expression. Ok, so, not just part of the laws of this dream world, and, oh right, this has happened before, in a completely different dream.

It got so that my throat started to hurt, but i didn't want to leave the dream because it has been awhile since i have had a good adventure dream. I was finally forced to leave by the faces glowring at me for disrupting the service in the Baptist church.

When I got up this morning my mom said, "Oh my goodness! You were snoring so loudly last night, the walls were shaking!"

Greeeaaaaaat. I hate it when reality intrudes on my dreams! Plus, I have been coughing all morning and have a really sore throat.

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