Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Think someone's telling me something...?

This hymn has been stuck in my head for about a month. There have been various songs vying for prime humming spot in my brain, but this is the one that consistently comes back.

The thing is, we haven't even sung it in church in ages, so I have no idea why it is stuck in my head, except that I may have had need of it over the last few weeks.

Or we all may have needed it, because my mom caught me humming it the other day and turned around and snapped "I am calm!"

Come and Find the Quiet Centre
Shirley Erena Murray, 1989 in Voices United (the United Church Songbook)*

Come and find the quiet centre
in the crowded life we lead,
find the room for hope to enter,
find the frame where we are freed:
clear the chaos and the clutter,
clear our eyes, that we can see
all the things that really matter,
be at peace, and simply be.

*There are more verses, and unfortunately, my computer and Youtube are not friends today, but apparently for those music peoples, it is sung to the tune "Beach Spring".

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Garry & Mari-Linn said...

Thanks Chrissy, it is actually something I needed to read today, So Thanks Again for putting it up