Thursday, July 23, 2009

Changing History

I have come to realize that my brain sometimes changes my memories. They are generally memories where I was feeling particularly foolish. And it is not like my brain changes the memory to make me look better. No, it just changes one little detail.

It changes the winter coat I am wearing to one that I had owned 5 to 10 years before the time of the incident.

In my memory of having a fight with my mother and being late and running for the city bus, something that happened in grade 8, I remember myself wearing the winter coat and snowpants I wore in grade 2 and 3.

In my memory of accidentally letting go an embarrassingly loud fart in the public library, which happened a few months ago (I can't believe I am telling you guys this, except that it still makes me giggle), I remember myself wearing the big black wool coat of my grandfather's that I wore in grade 10 and 11.

I guess my brain thinks this incident is just too crude to have happened while wearing my kicky new red coat.

At least with the coats, I know that they can't possibly have been worn at the time of the actual incident, I guess I need to be aware that I might have changed other stuff that might not be as noticeable.

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Anonymous said...

I pretty much just got stuck on the story of the public library fart, and cannot stop laughing. That's the best story ever.