Friday, July 31, 2009

Moving In!

We got the keys to the new house today!!!!!! Yay!!!!!

We have already moved two car-loads of boxes over, and concluded that we really need to leave to boxes of books for the movers, because that is what we are paying them for - to break their backs so we don't have to!

It is also already a pain to drive over there and back. It only takes 10 minutes or so, but because of two rivers and construction, there is no direct route, so you have to weave through "traffic calmed" side streets all the way over, and then wait for five lights before your trun to turn left. plus it is the hottest it has been all month today, and people are all trying to go away for the holiday weekend, so drivers are all peevy. bah!

but the boards for the garage walls were delivered early, and we managed to get the delivery guy to take the challenge of backing up down our driveway and dumping the boards right into the garage, an interesting feat, and he was pretty chuffed with himself once he had successfully completed the task. now the workers are busy putting up the vapour barrier and boards so that we have a finished garage for the movers to put the extra furniture in on Wednesday.

Its all coming together so nicely! Mom is worried now, because the house looks so much smaller without furniture, but i reassured her that the previous owners had just as much furniture as we plan to put in, and it did not look crowded. I know she will not believe me until we get all of our stuff in.

So happy! My parents will be officially retired by Sunday afternoon!

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