Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Angels of Painting

a mother and daughter

1 bathroom


10' high ceilings

nubbly textured wall and ceiling that all had to be primed and painted, and painted, and painted

8 hours of work

$650 worth of work for the price of a pizza and a parking ticket

1 lucky brother who's sister had a day off and was willing to help him out

2 women too tired to bother trying to get the paint off their hands before bed

Edit: While getting ready for bed I discovered that I not only have paint all over my hands, but have a large splotch near each elbow, where I must have leaned against the wall, paint on my feet and ankles, paint splotches on the front and back of my shirt, and the one on the front bled through to give me a splotch on my boob so i assume the ones on the back did the same thing. Of course, all the major splotches are primer paint, which requires paint thinner to get it off. yeah.


Queen of West Procrastination said...

You guys are so nice to your brother!

C said...

Yes we are. We got home and dad said something about getting the whole apartment painted, when he found out it was just the bathroom he said, "what did you do the rest of the time?" grrrr. horrible horrible bathroom! i can barely move today.