Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The little monster has always been a bit jumpy, or "startles easily" as his mom says.

When he was about 5 months old he jumped every time I started laughing at a family dinner. Ok, so those who have heard my laugh know it is a bit, hmm, shall we say, loud? (I was once asked to come to the preview night of a new comedy play so that there would be someone audibly laughing their ass off in the audience for the critics) ok, so baby jumping when I laughed wasn't too unreasonable, but every time? you think he might have gotten used to it after awhile.

Now that he is older and I am around all the time, he laughs along with me whenever I laugh. no, now he jumps when he thinks no one was watching the stupid thing he was about to do, or is so focussed on it, he forgets I am there.

Yesterday he stared at a new crayon so hard as he contemplated it and brought it to his mouth, that when I said "No!", he jumped and almost shoved the crayon up his nose. Awesome.

Now one of his grandma's got him a Hallowe'en book. The book introduces all sorts of scary characters, with googly eyes that move! but the best is that last page. The little monster knows what happens once you turn the last page. He gets apprehensive as you flip closer to the back of the book, even though he has requested the book and wants to see it.

When you open the last page, this scary vampire laugh starts up and a bat in the corner has red LED eyes that flicker. So scary! and even though he knows it is about to happen, he jumps a mile in the air! I thought I was scaring him, but then I left him alone with book, and he flips directly to the back page all by himself and still jumps every time!

The kid is totally going to grow up to love roller coasters.

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