Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wedding on High

The M&M wedding was wonderful. A beautiful September day. A few trees had started to turn already, making an awesome patchwork vista from the top of the ski hill, where the ceremony took place. Plus, it was so much fun to take the chair lift up the mountain in all our wedding finery and then back down again.

The best part was how happy my friend M was. Mom and I brought the bridal party lunch earlier in the day, and M's mom was stressed but still happy, but M was floating on a euphoric cloud. She hadn't been stressed at all about the planning of the wedding, and she was over the moon on her wedding day. I think one of her favorite parts of getting ready for the wedding were the pretty underwear that said "Bride" that her older sister had given her, which she had to show me while i was unpacking lunch.

It was really nice to see how much M&M love each other, and that they are honestly nice and laid back people. I mean, I knew my friend was, so it is nice to know that she found such a perfect match in a husband. They had time for everyone, and really tried to speak with every guest at some point during the afternoon and evening, so nice when everyone had traveled a long way to get to the wedding. I think it was the only wedding I have been to where everyone had to travel at least 2 hours in order to get there. The guests were almost half and half Canadian and American, fitting, since the couple are one of each. Funnily enough, we traveled less distance from Canada, than most of the Americans did! The only Canadian/American issue we ran into was that they don't sign the register during American weddings, so when the bride and groom started walking back down the aisle without signing, all of the Canadians started whispering "They didn't sign the register! Are they really married?" Guess what the number one question they had to answer in the receiving line was?

It was a great wedding, and I know they are going to have a wonderful future together.

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