Sunday, November 1, 2009

True Scary Story

Someone has a key to my parent's new house.

Someone who lives closeby.

Close enough that they can come and go in the time it takes me to drive my parents 5 min up the road and come back again.

They haven't taken anything yet, the only evidence that they have been here is that the front door that we never use is unlocked when we come home.

Maybe they are just checking if we have had the existing security system hooked up yet.

We had the locks re-keyed yesterday, something we should have done when we moved in.

The door has stayed locked so far.


Anonymous said...

WOW. That is super scary. Yikes! Any idea who it is?

Taryn said...

that is really scary! I hope you don't have anymore problems and find out who it is....quite creepy.

Hope your water heater is now fixed! Cold showers are definitely no fun.