Wednesday, December 30, 2009


The fabulousness of bacon can not be overstated.

Bacon plays a big role in my family. There was quite an upset on Christmas morning when it was discovered that there was nary a piece of bacon in the house. Major oversight on Santa's part. Our eggs and stollen just weren't the same with the sausages that had been intended for the stuffing (nor was the stuffing sans sausage).

The lack of bacon led the tasty treat to become the topic of conversation for the festive season. Meals of bacon past were lovingly revisited. Recipes featuring bacon were drooled over.

In the middle of this bacon revelry, my brother revealed this piece of decadence. Bacon Blondies, or "Miss Piggies". I cannot wait to try this recipe. It was developed by a friend of my brother's and he won a prize for it at a cooking competition. My brother got to try the prototypes. He almost started drooling just telling us about them. The final recipe was made with bacon that the guy cured himself in sugar and cinnamon, but the ones my brother tried were made with storebought bacon, and he thought they were wonderful. I am thinking maple bacon. mmmmm.

But the bacon madness did not stop there!

What could possibly top the craziness of brownsugar cake with chocolate and bacon you ask?

This afternoon I discovered my mother watching bacon porn.


Anonymous said...

Bacon really is the most, isn't it?

That blondie recipe sounds even better than the bacon cookie recipe that I've been too chicken to try: I might have to try them both, now.

Anonymous said...

Well, I tried the cookies. I feel like they weren't sweet or soft enough, so the blondie will likely be loads better.

C said...

too bad the cookies weren't what you expected. so hard to tell how recipes you find on the internet are going to turn out. I have a feeling the bacon blondies are going to be my first kitchen experiment in my new apartment. unfortunately that probably means that I will end up eating all of them even if they do taste bad!