Monday, February 8, 2010

iTunes, you are not helping

I am having a bit of a pity party today. I am mad at this program because an 83% is their equivalent of a 95%, so the majority of marks people get are in the 70s, which just makes you feel like the biggest failure. It doesn't help that we have three things due each week and I have only received 3 marks back so far, for projects that I seriously can't remember writing, even though I only handed them in a week ago. The whole thing is just go go go and I didn't even have time to stop and realize that the stress could have been relieved a bit by dropping down to only 4 courses, so I missed the drop date. argh! I just feel like I am barely keeping afloat on the edge of a big tidal wave.

and so, I am procrastinating instead of writing another paper for a jerk of a prof who writes nasty comments masquerading as constructive criticism. This generally involves surfing the net while listening to music, but my iTunes is not co-operating.

oh, its spewing music out alright, but it seems to be stuck on music that reminds me of guys i used to date. it has seriously only played music from the same 4 albums for the past hour.

thanks iTunes, I guess it wasn't enough to feel like an academic failure today, I also need to relive all my relationship failures, the biggest one being the total lack of a relationship, or even the prospect of one!

ps. also realized that I seem to date musicians, but luckily I don't actually have any of their music on my iTunes, that would be a bit much, they just liked to recommend stuff. and we hung out listening to music.

pps. in hindsight, going to see a very awesome romantic movie with the world's best soundtrack at the end of an awesome day-long date was perhaps not the best idea if i had wanted to avoid feeling a pang every time i heard the music. like when it won an oscar.

ppps. there seems to be a mouse in my ceiling. my ceiling made of ill-fitting acoustic tiles. also, there is evidence that something nibbled the top of my cereal box. ewwwww.

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Anonymous said...

smile - life's not so bad :)

your little New Brunswick friend