Monday, January 24, 2011

Directed Dreaming

Early this morning I started to dream about finding a kitten in the dumpster behind my building, but since I was almost awake, my thinking brain took over and started presenting too many options for where the dream could go.

Like choose-your-own-adventure on speed.

There was no choice about bringing the kitten inside, it is winter.  Then the dream suddenly produced posters proclaiming "Found Cat".  But thinking brain took over and said that would take too much time, we needed to wash the kitty first.  It was found amongst garbage after all.

Then the options: Which sink, kitchen? bathroom? bathtub?; What kind of soap, shampoo? liquid handsoap? dish soap? bar soap?; Does the kitty have fleas?  Would a rinse with tea-tree oil and water get rid of them?  In what ratios? Would it be safe for the kitty?  Do I have anything else in the house that would get rid of fleas?

Then the rest of the dilemma: Am I keeping the kitty?  What about Baz? A kitten should really meet Baz when it is a kitten, not once it gets established, but Baz is not here, she is at mom and dads.  Do I want to spend money on litter and food if I am not keeping it?  Should I call my cousin and ask to borrow some from her cat?  Where will this kitty be contained?  The bathroom is awful small to keep it in when I am not here.

Am I keeping the kitty?  Am I not? Who will I give it to? How will I find it a good home? Where? When? Why? How? -

So I woke up.  Far too many decisions for first thing in the morning.

What could have been a wonderful dream that I would have woken up from feeling wistful about the day in the future when I can have a kitty of my own, turned into a logistical nightmare that I woke up feeling very frustrated from.

Thanks a lot thinking brain.

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