Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hello Again!

Heya everyone,

Sorry about that, stepped out for awhile, but I think I am back now.  Not quite sure of course.  In any case, enjoy the new look, very fitting, I thought, for a library science degree!

So, things I did while I was away:
  • finished a summer semester of school which was mostly about children's librarianship
  • got only two co-op interviews and thankfully was offered a position at Library and Archives Canada
  • moved to Ottawa for four months for said position
  • had an awesome roommate (the best ever!) and a terrible landlady (just par for the course)
  • had a great job at LAC and learned a lot.  Especially how to work with archivists, we are a weird lot
  • Saw one best friend for a few hours on Christmas Eve, and another for an overnight in T.O.  both visits were way too short.  We need to live closer!
  • moved back to London into a one bedroom apartment I am subletting from a friend who was lucky enough to get an extension on her co-op
  • started my last semester of my MLIS with 2 archives courses, web design, and the dreaded management!

I cannot wait to be done this degree!  I am ready to be a grown-up with a proper job, having enough money to actually feed and clothe myself and have some fun too!  I look forward to weekends and evenings that do not have any schoolwork looming overhead!  Maybe live in a city long enough to know where I am going and how to get there!  Live in a place where Baz can live with me again!  Own a car, a house, ... a baby carriage?

I really hate this feeling of waiting for my life to begin.

I know that finishing this degree won't magically make all this happen, but it will at least get rid of that "stalled in neutral" feeling  (that is probably a bad analogy since I only drive automatic)

At the moment I would just settle for having a reason to not still be in my pyjams at 4pm on a Saturday.

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