Friday, May 18, 2012

Journey North

Though I would dust off the ol' blog because ....  dudes!!!!   Guess what?  I am totally a grown-up now!  (Can't you tell? ;P)

That is right!  C and the Baz are starting a brand new adventure!

In The North this time.

With a real full-time permanent job for me, and no more early morning bananas for the Baz (ha ha).

The interview and job offer and need to start soon have all happened so fast that I haven't had time to really think about it, which is good, because I am moving to a new city where I barely know anyone and it takes two days to drive back to my parent's house!

Here is what has happened since my last contract ended on April 30

-May 1st fly up to The North for interview and tour of city with new boss
-May 2nd interview, then fly home
-May 4th fly to Victoria
-May 5th H&C get hitched!  Yay!
-May 8th find out I have job.  While riding on the city bus in Victoria.
-May 9th fly home
-May 11th test drive cars
-May 14th buy first car ever!!!!!!!!  2010 Nissan Sentra, very cool.
-May 17th pack up car and start driving North.

I am stopping to visit family and friends along to way and should arrive in The North by Sunday night.

Then I start work on Tuesday morning.  Gah!

The Baz did not come with me on this trip because there was no room for her in the car (let me tell you, it is very full!), and I have to look for an apartment when I get up there and she isn't allowed to stay with me in the motel.  She will enjoy her last month as the only "kid" at home with my parents, getting her early morning bananas (eww! so gross!) and evening cuddles until Ma and Pa bring her up when they visit in July.

So I will be all alone for the next two legs of my journey to The North.

Another 15 hours of driving left, in a new car, when I have only ever driven a max of 4 hours in a stretch.  

Nothing could possibly go wrong!

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Anonymous said...

How about telling us about the reason why it is that you're moving to the T-Bay?