Monday, November 11, 2013

Hello, hello again!

Heya!  C and The Baz here again!  Did you miss us?

Who knows how long I'll last this time with the posting, but I will make an attempt to keep this going!

So, a bit of an update:

Moved to the TBay, started my job, have awesome co-workers, like my job, all is well!

In an effort to meet people and get involved in stuff, I joined the local quilt guild.  At the first meeting, the past president grabbed me at coffee time and told me I was going to meet the other young people!  So, I met M and T and had instant friends!  We do a lot of quilting, we actually get together sometimes and sew all weekend at M's place.  My kitchen table is almost never used for food because it is always covered in a project I am sewing.  

Since I have made so many things in the last year, I thought it was time to share them with somebody!

Warning: since creative crafty stuff has become a big part of what I do again, this blog is gonna turn pretty crafty, as you can see, even The Baz is in on the action!  

Hang onto your hats!  It's about to get all warm and cozy in here with a whole bunch of quilt rundowns!

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