Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Summer in the North

So, while I wait for the slowest doctor in town, I thought I would give y'all an update on the world up here in North Ontario.  

I have now lived up here through two very different summers.  The first year was so hot I came home and stripped to my underwear and sat in front of the fan as soon as I got home.  It was over 30C every day from June into September and I had no a/c.  I was so grateful that I had a cousin with a camp on Lake Superior only an hour and a half away, I was there every weekend.  The best was getting to have a four legged friend to explore with and getting to know my cousins better.  The worst was that I discovered that blackflies and I are not friends and suffered through a week-long swollen ankle.  

This summer was cold and wet, raining almost every day.  I think I only wore shorts about three times.  It also was really bad for bugs because it never got hot enough.  The garden was really slow too, hard to grow with hardly any sun and 5C temps.

It warmed up by the end of the summer and we got about two weeks of hot weather, so a few things grew.  The nice thing was that the blueberry season was extended into September.
I had the camp to myself a few times, so The Baz got to come out with me and take advantage of the screened in gazebo to have a lovely large area outside to run around in.

I gotta say, the North Shore of Lake Superior is a beautiful place the spend the summer.

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Queen of West Procrastination said...

What a gorgeous way to spend your summer!