Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Many Boxes! oh Joy!

yay!  my boxes finally arrived from bc, i am now officially no longer a resident of vancouver island.  i am not sure how i feel about that yet.  at the moment i am just missing living on my own, in an actual bedroom, where my stuff didn't have to stay in boxes in the garage.  i did make a case for having my craft stuff in the house when ma said there might be mice in the garage.  that reminds me i have to re-tape all my boxes.  i opened them yesterday in a mad hope to find my camera cable so i could actually post photos here.  i think i found it, we shall see if it is the right one!  so, hopefully later this afternoon i will have some pics of the pretty things i have created to show here!  
anyway, i guess i had better start working on my thesis, i feel like such a slob, it is 11:30am and i am still in my jammies, and another girl is helping my mother clean the b&b.  i am feeling usurped!

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Queen of West Procrastination said...

Hey! It's nearly 11am and I'm still in my jammies! (By the way, today's TA orientation is going to be super-weird without you.)

I'm glad that all your boxes arrived safely.