Thursday, September 4, 2008

"I sleep in the HALL, reMEMBER?!!!"

Heya!  safe and sound back in Ontariariario (a place to live a place to grow).  Everything seems to have survived the trip, jam and chocolate being the most important!  and The Baz was awesome!  intrepid explorer bunny!  can't wait till she experiences the 3 hour car trip later this month!  I think she was pretty much terrified, she stayed in one spot in her carrier the entire time, well, after the first takeoff, before that she thought it was all fun and games and showed her little white nose to everyone so they could oo and aww at her.  she was much admired when i had to take her out of the carrier in security, everyone stood still and said "Aww, a bunny,"  then they made me drink the entire water bottle i had forgotten about.  apparently the spell of bunny cuteness does not carry over to me.

back at my parent's house, i now sleep in the tv room, which is basically the hallway to the three other rooms downstairs (leading the quote from New Waterford Girl to go through my head).  did i mention it is the TV room?  i tried to go to sleep early last night, but made the mistake of reading a little first.  my dad came downstairs and, without saying anything, turned on the tv and sat down to enjoy himself watching something british on TVO.  i was still speechless, trying to figure out how to tell him i actually wanted to go to sleep, when my mom comes down with tea and cookies, which i can never pass up.  so i ended up watching the show and eating my cookie and drinking my tea in bed, and never said anything until the show ended and my dad showed no signs of turning the "boob tube" off.  then i made the executive decision and pressed the power button, and told him to go to bed, and close doors, and turn lights out so i could go to sleep.  darnit, prima donna wasn't supposed to show herself so early on!

oh well, new day, now i get to try and locate all my stuff and hope that ma has a few drawers somewhere to unpack into!


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