Monday, September 1, 2008

Onward and Upward!

heya!  first post, ummm..... not exactly sure what to do here, but have to get started sometime, so here's the deal:

i foolishly decided to move back to ontario from victoria, bc, where i have been doing my masters in history for the last three years.  everything except my masters thesis seemed to be wrapping up here, so it seemed like a good time, still does, but so much work, especially when i am moving both myself and my bunny, "the baz".

I just finished a move from hell, well not really, i tried to stay positive, but i think that just freaked my roommates out.  please note, never be the last one to leave a rental accommodation, washing walls and the sticky stuff out of cupboards till late at night sucks!  anyway, i suck at things that require strength, like moving furniture, so i just put my head down and stuck to cleaning for three days.  its fun once you get in the groove, and so satisfying to see the impossible stain disappear, two words: magic eraser!

anyway, that is over and i am in limbo for a few days, cause my flight home isn't till the 3rd and we had to be out by the 31st, so i am hanging out with my wonderful friend maryanne and her husband until i leave.  she even let me bring the baz along, which was awesome!  but we had to explain to their landlord why a strange lady was walking a rabbit on a leash in the backyard at 8am!

so i am wrapping up my time here in bc, and there is so much to do! today a bunch of us all went out to elk lake and sat in the sun and paddled a canoe around the very windy lake, that borders on the highway, kinda weird.  anyway,  andrea and lee actually made it in swimming, but maryanne and i totally wimped out, way too cold!  andrea also made me an awesome bag, which she posted a picture on her blog, so she wouldn't give me her blog address until after she saw me today!

tomorrow morning we have to get up bright and early for breakfast with all the other girls in history grad so we can all reconnect before the new year and i can impart my wisdom to the younger ones before i go.  yes, very pompous of me, i know.  i am kinda chuffed though, cause some of the younger girls have actually told me that they value my advice on things grad studenty and that i am a good example, which is awesome, considering one of my work colleagues dubbed me "most likely to punch him in the eye", oh and the fact that i am starting year 4 of a 2 year masters.  "relaxed attitude" seems to be my key message.

ok, better stop now and help maryanne with the custard, can you believe it!  she is making custard for dessert!  yummo!

k, bye!


Queen of West Procrastination said...

That was some good custard. And you added the best element of it: Ontario maple syrup!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I love new blogs.
Also, I ate one of the custards, and it was delicious.