Monday, September 15, 2008

Son of Ike

ok, so, ontario seems to get the tail end of every storm going, so of course, we received back to back visits this weekend.  It rained steadily from 2pm Saturday afternoon until sunday morning due to the end of an unnamed Pacific storm (I shake my fist at you Victoria), and then it was really windy all day Sunday until it started raining around 6pm sunday night due to Hurricane Ike, or, since it was just a tropical depression by then, my father called it "Son of Ike" in the same voice as one would announce the title of a b-movie horror flick.  Anyway, this gross rainyness was not accompanied by colder weather, but by heat and humidity, so much so that my dad's indoor weather station said we were at 95% humidity inside the house.  The floor felt wet when you walked on it and you could not dry off after a shower.  gross.  To top it off, my brother in Toronto lives in a place where the laundry is accessible only by an outdoor staircase to the basement, which he slipped and fell down sunday morning and is now suffering from a very sore back and bum.  Poor guy has to bring a pillow to work next week.   

The weather everywhere seems to be a-typical this year, i guess we can expect some more of this weirdness.  I hope the violent storms settle down a bit now, the Caribbean can't take much more.

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