Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I love libraries!

I have been home for all of two weeks and i have been to my local public library twice and the university library once, and i plan on going again tonight to both of them because books i requested yesterday are in! i love libraries!  i am anticipating the arrival of these requested books like a kid awaiting my mail order x-ray glasses!  joy!  I just love that all of these wonderful books are available to me even though i can't afford to buy them right now.  sometimes i forget that libraries exist and feel sad that i can't experience these books firsthand, and then i remember the library, and all is well with the world, i just might have to wait my turn to get the new and wonderful books.
i have ordered all kinds of crafty books from the public library, interweave knits best sweaters and joelle hoverson's last minute patchwork gifts have arrived and i will pick them up tonight on my way home from picking my dad up at work.  fingers crossed amy butler's in stitches arrives soon!
the university books are a little less fun, but i discovered that u of goo has clifton carbin's deaf heritage in canada a book i always had to order through interlibrary loans (illo) from alberta when i was in victoria.  unfortunately, the newest book on the deaf is not available here, and i have to pay $25 for illo because i am not a student here.  my mom suggested i try to get it through illo with the public library instead.  see? i love libraries!
i also love that so many people i know are studying library sciences, so i know that libraries have a future! hurrah!  i wish i could do backflips!

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