Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Seaman's Long Stockings and Quebec Helmets

Apparently the Red Cross is putting together an anniversary thing (exhibit? book? not sure, ma didn't quite have the details)  Anyway, they were looking for old Red Cross stuff, and my aunt remembered she had this knitting booklet, and for some reason it is at our house instead of with the Red Cross ladies (no idea why, my house is a Vortex tho).  This is a bonus for me, cuz i get to see what kind of knitting was required for our forces in WWII.  The booklet was published by the Yellow Pages in November 1940.
Along with patterns for socks, mitts, sweaters and "helmets" (which i assume are variations on the balaklava, the "Aero Helmet" seems to have ear holes as well) there are also patterns for a "Knitted toe cap" for going over the end of a cast (hmm, this pattern might still be useful) and Ladies knickers, "specially designed to slip on for extra warmth".  I guess if you were putting them on over your nunders i suppose it would be ok, but otherwise, ..... knitted wool underwear =shudder=.
Interestingly the patterns are only shown in one size each, so either everyone in the military was the same size, or women in 1940 were supposed to know how to increase the patterns.  I'd hate to be the guy with the big head on the day when they hand out the "one size fits all" "helmets", or sweaters for that matter!


Queen of West Procrastination said...

That is all kinds of sweet. I love historical finds like that.

By the way, C, you make my day. And you said "nunders" and it makes me giggle.

C said...