Tuesday, September 23, 2008

oh life plan, where did you go?

i have been having a really hard time concentrating on my thesis lately.  there are way too many other fun things going around in my head, so no room for statistics and thoughts of an academic variety.  what is in my head you ask? plans for extremely fun craftiness!  i am having trouble sleeping at night because i am working out how to sew a pair of slipper socks, or how to sew a quilt, or how to quilt a quilt.  i have 3-D diagrams worked out in my head for a dozen projects, none of which i can work on right now because my mom does not approve and it is kinda hard to hide the sewing machine, it makes alot of noise, and i make alot of mess.  so instead i hide the fact that i am reading fun craft books rather that books about my thesis topic.
i discussed this problem with my cousin on the phone last night, and she said "Are you sure you are going into the right career?"  Aaargh!  no!  i am not sure!  but i have all this schooling behind me and i really do enjoy researching, but ideally i want to be married and have kids and have a part-time job at a museum and the time to be crafty.  there, i said it, but that doesn't  help me in the short term!  i need a thesis written and a job to go to when it is done.  somewhere in there i also have to meet a man and actually show that i am interested in him, and not run away when things start getting serious.  Aaargh!   


Anonymous said...

Oh man, Christine, we are samies. Your ideal and my ideal are pretty close. And yet, we're both in academia. It's strange, isn't it?

C said...

yeah, its like my phd comics t-shirt "grad school: it seemed better than getting a real job" i couldn't think of real job i wanted, so this seemed good at the time