Thursday, September 25, 2008

Snip Snip Snip

Ok, so, as you can tell, I just got my hair cut.  I never know when I get it cut if I actually like it or not.  It takes me awhile, and then I get used to it just as it needs to be cut again.  Then it gets long and shaggy and I hate my hair for a couple months until I get back to Ontario to my hairdresser.  But, now that I am back in Ontario, I can get regular haircuts like a normal person again. Hmm.  Anyway, my hairdresser and I had a great chat, and she and my mom love my hair, so maybe if I can style it myself and it looks less choppy I will love it more.  Of course, we are going away to a cottage for the week, and there is no bloody way I am bringing a straight iron up there, so I will be back to ponytails and hairclips for the rest of the week.  Or I could just rock the dreaded "Lion Hair" for awhile.  But there will be photographic evidence, so perhaps not.

Will let you know how the cottage goes, no internet access for the week, what is a girl to do? ("Maybe her THESIS????!!!")

anyway, tea time, and my dad is calling me a "Princess of the Pharoahs" which of course reminded everyone that my cousin used to call me his "Egyptian Princess" when we were little and I had long black hair and straight across bangs.

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