Tuesday, September 30, 2008

peaceful. easy feeling

=big contented sigh= i am in my spiritual home this week. i am at a cottage in tobermorry ontario with my parents. it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. i will post pictures when i get back, but believe me when i say that i was always disappointed with the ocean after grouwing up going to the georgian bay. so much wilder and more interesting that the ocean. of course, it doesn't have quite the same marine life diversity, but it makes up for it in shipwreks and rare terrestrial landscapes. we spent yesterday in a place that has five different terrains right in one spot. it even had an alvar and a fen, which are things that can only be found in sweden, estonia, and the great lakes. so cool!

ok, gotta go, i am at the library and my dad is waiting.
oh! i love it here! i never want to leave. hmm, this is a national park, maybe they are in need of a historian?

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