Monday, November 10, 2008

Lunch Time at the W's

Scene: Mom, C and Dad eat lunch at a round table facing a window.  Table is set with brown flowered tablecloth, lunch is carrot soup and crackers with sheep cheese with lavender.  Outside, snow is falling lazily, it doesn't stay on the ground.

An errant gust of wind blows up a dust devil of leaves

Mom: A Wild and Wooly November, just like our wild and wooly girl!

C glowers and raises an eyebrow

Mom: Well, you can be quite outrageous sometimes when you want to be.  And I love that. My November baby.

C rolls her eyes, goes back to spreading cheese on her cracker.  Takes a bite of the cracker, crumbs fly. 
C: Gah! =giggles in disbelief=

Mom: What happened?

C: I got crumbs in my eye! (runs to the bathroom)

Dad: Well, she should stick to round crackers, their crumbs don't fly off like square crackers' do. (pops the last round cracker into his mouth with a piece of ham)

C sits back down

Mom: Your father thinks you should stick to round crackers, but he's eaten them all.

C glowers at Dad
C: I don't like the round crackers.  Hey!  Where's my meat? I had half a piece of ham right here when I left!

Dad: Muy mon't mow. ("I don't know" with mouth full of round cracker and ham) =starts to chuckle with mouth full=

C: There are two whole pieces on the plate!  Why did you steal my half eaten one?

Thump from a small grey dwarf rabbit on the "oriental" carpet.

Mom: Aw, there's Granny's sweet baby bunny.  Isn't she cute.  Give her your apple.

End Scene.

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