Monday, November 10, 2008

#@$%^ stupid snow!

so, it has been snowing all day, and there is nothing to show for it.  There was snow on the ground this morning when i woke up and it wasn't snowing, but now that it has been snowing all day, there is nothing.  Not that it has been snowing hard or anything, if it was rain, i doubt you would even know it was raining.  Maybe that is why it decided to be snow, so it would get noticed.  It looks kinda like giant dust moats floating around outside, or white midgy flies.  i mean, the little weatherman on our weather station doesn't even register that it is snowing outside.  he seems cheerfully optimistic that it is a bright sunshiny day.  no snowman icon for him! 

I still have mixed feelings over whether i really want it to snow or not.  i seem to have forgotten all my Ontario winter snow survival know-how in my three years of snowless victoria "winters".  I don't even know how i feel about having to buy winter boots for the first time in a very long time.  I want real boots now that i no longer have to worry about being cool in high school and wear thinsulated hiking boots. (weird how those things lasted me all through university)  but i also need something stylish, cause there is no way i am going to show up at an office wearing my awesome red wool coat and cloche hat with sorel moonboots even if they are warmy-squarmy!  and yes, i just realized i am still worried about being cool.  It comes from a lifetime of my mother picking out my winter gear.  (i actually used to swap my snowsuit with my friend at school in grade one.  her grey snowsuit with yellow piping and green storebought hat and mitts was so much cooler than my pink and purple snowsuit with handknit pink hat and idiot mittens.  they made us stop swapping when they suddenly discovered lice, not on us, but in general. [my mom dressed me entirely in pink and purple as a child, but my favourite outfit was a pair of grey pants with a yellow cardigan and a red and blue blouse that i wore with a red newsboy cap, the height of fashion! i was so excited when she bought it for me, even then, i knew that to be cool you couldn't dress in barbie's colours])

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