Saturday, November 29, 2008

To post or not to post or what to post?

I want to post something new, mainly because the previous post is now starting to annoy me. So introspective and ever so slightly smarmy-trout-faced.* But what to post? my brain is numb from writting my thesis and it isn't even anywhere near done! i have an intro and one chapter. a grand total of (drum roll please...) 46 pages. hmm, not quite the 70-100 i need. and i haven't a clue where to go from here. literally. no. idea. my brain just doesn't want to write it anymore! oh how i wish i had gone for the major paper instead of the thesis, i could be done by now! of course then i would be on year 4 of a 1 year masters instead of year 4 of a two year masters. oh the shame of the procrastinator knows no bounds!

The problem is, I have proved my point. There is no more to say, because I have said it -

=blink= =blink= =lighbulb!=

I just realized that it is ok if i have made my point in one chapter! I can make a different point in the second chapter! oh huzzah! happy day! cartwheels and lollypops!

I know most of you are shaking your heads and sighing about "silly C___", but i honestly did not figure that out until two seconds ago while writing this post! Two different points in my thesis? The novelty! (don't flip out, they aren't that different, only in my hyper-specific compartmentalization of things, oh perfectionism).

ok, gotta go and write stuff now while i remember what i was going to s-
oh damn! its gone!

oh well, supper time! bye for now!

*oops! almost forgot my footnote (i do that alot), "smarmy-trout face" is that look like you are a snob sucking lemons (nose in air, lips pursed, eyebrows up, air of superiority). It is a look that says, "Hmph! That is an incredibly inferior way to do that, my way is better (ie. I am better) and always will be, you cannot change my mind". It also says, "I am not the idiot, you are! Clearly the world works my way and you were foolish not to have noticed" Not to be confused with the "Really?" look which is quite similar, but with less snob and more "you're a childish idiot"

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