Wednesday, December 3, 2008

oh the shame!

i hang my head in shame. i must confess that i have recently left the house wearing track pants. oh the horror! my ex-roomates are all gasping in shock right now.
i feel that track pants are something you wear around the house, or while actually doing some kind of physical activity. not something you can leave the house in to go, say, grocery shopping. i see enough university students wandering around in pyjama bottoms to know what message this look projects to the rest of the world. the fact that it is a very accurate message for my life right now is beside the point. you are meant to dress for the job you want, not the, uh, situation you are in now. i feel better about myself if i at least am wearing presentable clothing when i leave the house. especially in guelph. you just know you are going to meet someone you know. or be introduced to your mom's really hot bank teller. yeah, that sends a message, at the bank with your mom in the middle of the day, wearing track pants.

because of issues with getting laundry done in this house (its a b&b, there are always about five loads worth of sheets and towels on the laundry room floor) i have been hanging out writting my thesis in track pants, mainly because they are comfy and warm in my basement cave. the problems arise when i have to leave that cave and go out into the real world. i would normally just exchange them for a pair jeans or other pants, but all of those are dirty this week (and yes, i would pull them out of the laundry basket, but someone threw my slippers in there during a quick clean-up and now my laundry smells like feet) so, i am left with the track pants. which is fine if i am just picking my dad up from work, but the other day, i actually went to church choir practice in navy blue track pants that say "UVIC" across the ass. that was a new low.

and don't get me started on the fact that i spent all day yesterday in my jimmy-jams.

i need to get out of this house!

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Queen of West Procrastination said...

Ah, that's just a side-effect of writing your thesis. When I wrote my MA thesis, I spent far too much time in my pyjamas.