Wednesday, December 3, 2008


finally! i can show this masterpiece! it was a gift, so i had to wait until i actually got around to sending it, and then had to wait until she got it, but the QWP has received her parcel, so now i can disclose all!

a fitted quilted tea cozy! isn't it brilliant! its even lined and had a binding! oh i broke out the big guns for this one. here is how it does up at the back:

i made it entirely from my stash (oh to have my stash again! even if it is mostly fun animals prints for pyjamas and shorts!) it does up with snaps i also found in my stash, and judging by the label, i think they are from the 50s or 60s. the fish fabric was actually my test fabric for the machine quilting class i took awhile ago, so it has some pretty funky quilting on it!

ok, so this idea is not entirely mine, but the finessing to get it to fit the bodem, that was all me and my trusty shears. if you are so inclined to make one, directions for a quilted tea cozy for a regular teapot are on planetjune. (while you are over there, check out her crochet animals, so cute! when i have time =sigh=)

i was so frustrated with not being able to create while writing the thesis that i just stormed into my room one sunday and grabbed my sewing machine and slammed it on the table and started sewing. and no one said anything until it looked like the project was going well, then they were all excited and curious about what i was making. hmm, you think i was a little scary?


Anonymous said...

I saw this in person last night. Cu-ute! Good work.

C said...

yay! i love to know that my creations get used!