Friday, January 30, 2009

that rosy glow

the birds around our house have started to glow, and we all know what that means..... mating season!

what?  you didn't know?

yeah, i didn't either.  not only that, in my numerous years of bird watching while eating breakfast (read, all my life) i have never noticed this phenomenon before.  until a few weeks ago, when i saw a still very dull brown goldfinch with a neon yellow spot on his chest.  

well, the sexy bird vibes have certainly been ramping it up since that first sighting, especially with the cardinals.  mama cardinals are getting red crests and tail feathers and bright orange beaks.  I even saw one today whose breast was all mottled brown and red.  and the papa cardinals are brightening up.  It is so funny to see the cardinals who aren't quite so hormonal beside the sexyfied ones, they are so dull and the others are so bright it hurts, it plays tricks with your brain.  unfortunately, the goldfinches are still an ugly mix of neon yellow-green trying to poke through dull grey-brown.  very weird.

so now you know more than you wanted to about the sexy thoughts of the birds in my backyard.  you probably know more than you wanted to about me too, a person who thinks about the sexy thoughts of birds over her honeynut cheerios.

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