Saturday, January 24, 2009

you like?

so, i got tired of the dots, and how everything showed up so small and squinty on my macbook.  plus, i was jealous of people with cool pics in their header, and the other one only gave me a little square.  and really, "portents of evil" actually requires some portents in the header!  hence the beautiful pitcher plant!  nothing says evil portent like an endangered carnivorous plant!  well, actually, it was either that, or one of my pictures of the giant flock of turkey vultures we saw at the cottage back in september, there were well over a hundred, all having a little noisy convention over the uninhabited island across from the cottage.


Queen of West Procrastination said...

Oh, pitcher plants! Karl owned one for a while and Meg and I took care of it for him when there was no room at his parents' house. Those things are nuts, and it's really weird to feed bugs to a plant!

You might want to change the colour of the words in your header slightly, because it's a little hard to see the smaller words. But I love it all!

May-B said...

Yeah, it's good. Maybe just make the words bigger in the header. I love the pic though. Good choice!