Monday, January 26, 2009


ok, i am back here. right where i was in september.  I want to sew. now. very much so.  if you could see me right now, i have a very grrr face on and a lot of demonic heavy breathing through clenched teeth.  you might actually be a little scared. be happy you aren't here.

must. create. something!!!!!

but i cannot create anything.  i have to finish this chapter by the end of this week.  i am not allowed to do anything but read and write and breathe thesis.  

so what am i doing?  blogging, surfing the net for new sewing and craft ideas, playing sudoku (actually, cheating at sudoku) anything but writing.  

procrastination at its worst.  procrastination at its best would actually be productive.  this is not.  it makes me feel worse. and gives me a crick in the neck.  gah!

ok, so here is my list of things i want to sew when i am allowed to:

1. table cloth for my mom
2. pillows for my mom 
3. flannel nightie, this sort of thing.  my first ever sewing project was very similar, so comfy!
5. this bag.   and i am so in awe of her selvedge stuff, especially the dress!

so, can you all think nice productive thoughts at me this week so that i can finish the damned thesis and move on to better stuff?  thanks! love you all!


Queen of West Procrastination said...

So, we're going to have to keep each other accountable this week, eh? You do need to keep your brain sane and not just try to keep pushing and pushing through, but no projects until you're done! Get out of the house and run or play in the snow or something, and then get back to work!

May-B said...

Once you are done procrastinating and get your stuff done, I have to pick your brain about what to do with a bunch of vintage material I have.