Tuesday, January 27, 2009

childhood dreams

ok, so, today i finally did it.  i applied to work as a costumed heritage interpreter at a historical village.  and not just any historical village, the historical village. (i won't name it in case i actually get a job there)

this is a historical village in a town where my cousins used to live and they were very involved in this village.  My oldest cousin actually worked as a costumed interpreter one summer, the younger two volunteered to be costumed kids, and my aunt was a volunteer sailor on one of their replica schooners.  The summer all this was going on, I came to visit for a few days, and they arranged that I could dress up too and come and volunteer with my girl cousin because they were opening a new building that day, and so felt it would be ok to have a few extra people in costume.  

it was one of the best days of my life!  

I got to dress up and pretend to be someone from the past, I had all the time I wanted to explore the historical building that i was posted at, i got to help bake a gingerbread cake in a reflection oven in front of fire and i learned how to card and spin wool, all with my cousin.  see! i told you!  best. day. ever!

I have wanted to work there ever since.  I am not sure why I forgot about it when looking for summer jobs during first year when i ended up with a soul destroying housekeeping job. anyway, last night i was so excited about filling out the application this morning and potentially getting the job that i hardly slept, instead i dreamt and planned about working there.

I have some misgivings, like the fact that it probably won't pay much, and i will likely have to find somewhere cheap to live for the summer in a town that boasts a high security mental hospital and a high security prison, but, this is really my last chance to do something like this, as my days for a "student summer job" are numbered.  My last hurrah before i have to get a "real" job.  And since my "real" job plans involve something to do with culture and heritage, i think this is a good way to get some much needed experience in the public presentation side of things.

so, keep your fingers crossed for me!  i might get to play pioneers all summer!

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Queen of West Procrastination said...

Oh my goodness, that would be the best. And would be exactly your perfect summer job. Some friends of mine used to work at Fort Battleford in the summer, and they got to fire cannons and stuff all summer. Sweet.