Wednesday, January 28, 2009

all grown up

last night i was invited to go over and have a glass of wine at my neighbour A's house to meet our new neighbours. A is a young person as well and we have started going for walks together occasionally and traveling together on the bus into Toronto. She is a really nice, quiet hypochondriac doctor at the University Health Services. Our new neighbours are young people as well, just starting out with their first house. I don't even think they are married yet (gasp!)

Anyway, A had asked me if i wanted to participate awhile ago, and i sort of said yes, in the back of my mind hoping i might not be around when it actually happened. I hate meeting new people around my age. They usually make me feel totally inadequate and childish. It makes me nervous and i say stupid things (like revealing too much medical information) that usually end the conversation in an awkward silence. i can't help it, it just happens!

I think A knew I was nervous, because she called me at 7 to come over at 7:30. I hadn't even washed my hair that day, but i was wearing jeans and a nice top, rather than my usual sweatpants, so i decided to go as is and hope she hadn't improved the lighting in her house.

Huzzah! My new neighbours are really nice people! They change out of their work clothes and visit neighbours in jeans and holey old sweatshirts! I actually got the conversation started by asking them how they were doing in their new house and quickly moving on to what I really wanted to know, what our old neighbour had left behind (a ringer washer, a credenza with a working record player, the original stove that was actually made here in Guelph). Somehow we found out that the girl and i had gone to the same highschool for a year (she was in OAC/grade 13 the year i was in grade 9).

We had a great chat with hardly any pauses at all and talked about everything possible! It ended up being a really fun evening. I don't think I have laughed so hard in a long time. First time I have felt my age since I moved back home. awesome.


Anonymous said...

"I hate meeting new people around my age. They usually make me feel totally inadequate and childish."

You and I are so alike.

C said...

i know, its scary. maybe that is why we can't be in the same city for more than a week at a time!