Saturday, February 21, 2009

And now for a petition

geez, i am putting you guys to alot of work this week, but this horrible news was just brought to my attention!

the new federal budget is allotting a certain amount of money to the graduate research funding bodies, aww, ain't that nice of them, until you see this sentence:

"Scholarships granted by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council will be focussed on business-related degrees."

that means no more funding for the arts. Sociology, Anthropology, Languages, History, etc, etc. of course, no restrictions are going to be placed on NSERC, or the CIHR (Health research).

so, here is where i ask for your help again! here is what you can do:

1. Sign this petition - it will literally take 10 seconds - less if you are a fast typer: (Please also encourage friends and family to sign this petition)

2. Send a letter of protest to the minister of finance( and your local MP ( (i can email you a copy of the sample letter if you want to write)

who voted for these guys???

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