Monday, February 9, 2009

silver lining

my dad had his watch stolen at the gym today. while he was having a shower.

and while the fact that he had something stolen is slightly disturbing, it is actually kinda funny.

my dad's watch doesn't work.

he has been wearing it for the past year and a half, insisting that "it works sometimes" but still asking us what time it is every few minutes either to check if his watch was still keeping time, or to adjust it to the proper time. it wasn't a battery problem, it was just dead, and dad refused to believe it because "i have a perfectly good watch, i just need to figure out what's wrong with it."

so mom and i are pretty excited about today's little misfortune. he can finally buy a new watch like we have been trying to get him to do for the past year.

i wonder if the thief will ever steal from that locker room again?

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