Saturday, February 7, 2009

Always the way

so. bowling with the church choir=my parents friends and my parents.

and what happens?

of course we are sharing a ball dispenser with a group of good looking young men.

and of course i recognize two of them as having gone to my highschool. =sigh= luckily i remembered they had been a couple of grades behind me. so i had the edge of seniority.

i took it as a sign of being grown up that i did not get flustered and embarassed and actually ended up having a pretty good time bowling with the old fogeys. i even shared a few "oh old people" eye rolls with the young guys when one of my team-mates did something silly.

one of the guys even talked to me. he teased me about dancing while waiting for my ball (its all disco balls and dance music after 9). i laughed. that counts as answering right?

when we were driving home my mom says "i think you need to practice your flirting." what? you mean sneaking glances at guys when you know they aren't looking doesn't count? then she says:
"I guess its kinda hard to flirt when you are surrounded by old folks."

yes mom, that is my problem entirely. =sigh=


Anonymous said...

Our sameiness astounds me.

Star Dr. said...

So are we going guy hunting then? Let me know when and where :P