Thursday, March 26, 2009


I am looking after a little dog right now. A bichon crossed with something that likely results in a cutsey vaguely rude breed name. In any case, he is small and curly and white. and extremely well behaved. i have never seen a small dog so un-yippy as this one. I didn't even know he made noise until we played "destroy the stuffy" on the first night. His name is Hercules.

In any case, because i have not brought much food over to his house, and he lives just down the street, we spend a lot of time at my parents house. We come, we eat lunch, I use the computer, and we leave to feed him his dinner. He loves it here because he gets three times more attention, and he gets to observe the rabbit.

He starts out his visit now by sitting and staring at the cage until Baz gets annoyed and comes out to check out what is going on. Then Herc slowly walks up to the cage with his tail making little sweeps back and forth, and they meet, nose to nose through the cage. Then Herc starts to walk around the cage, and Baz keeps right up with him. We then call Herc back to the table, and Baz gets annoyed and starts trying to pull her cage apart and rip up newspaper. Herc, even though he is a small dog, is almost twice the size of Baz (which isn't difficult as she only weighs 6 pounds)

Today, we decided to let them meet face to face outside of the cage. I opened up Baz's cage so she could get back in quickly, and lifted her out and brought her out to the carpet where mom was holding Herc. I let Baz go, she hopped up to Herc, gave him one smell, and then hopped away to explore. Yup, that's my girl, completely ignore the guy who is so desperate to meet you he is quivering.

So we let Herc go with his retractable leash on, and he was able to get close enough to say hi again a few more times, and got punched in the face for his efforts. poor boy. no blood thank heavens, but just enough of a hit to make him back off but remain really interested. He feels much better about investigating her now that she is back in her cage.

Oh, Baz is definitely my girl. Raised her right.

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