Tuesday, April 7, 2009

hello april!

I just realized i haven't posted in awhile.  there is not much to post, really.  but i will give you a brief run-down of what has been going on.

1. I house and dog-sat for two weeks.  so nice to have my own space, and to have a cute and cuddly little puppy to snuggle on the couch with.  I was also able to do a lot of sewing because i am still waiting for my second reader to get back to me on my thesis.  

2. I went into Toronto to visit my very good friend and her husband and we had super yummy southern barbecue at a place called "Cluck, Grunt, Low"  so much meat!  yummmm.  I also had a fun time visiting with my friend, and hiking around the Beaches and the Danforth in Toronto.  We had a nice sunny weekend and ended up in shirtsleeves by the end of our walk.

3. I finally got to watch Firefly!  I love the movie Serenity and have always wanted to watch the tv series and so i was finally able to borrow it from my friend's husband and watch it over the past few weeks at my housesitting gig.  awesome!  it was just as good as i was expecting, maybe even better!  Nathan Fillion is sooooo dreamy!  and Canadian, which is prob why i like his sense of humour.

4. My parents have finally decided to sell the house.  This is both sad and happy news.  Sad, because this is the only house i have ever known, and i really wish i was in a position (read married with kids) to buy it and continue to live here.  But it is too big for my parents now, and they are getting tired of the bed and breakfast thing.  When you shout "Hurray" when someone cancels, you know it is time to get out of the business.   So we now have to "declutter" and get rid of 28 years worth of junk in order to sell the house.  I have to decide which stuffed animals, dance costumes, jewellery from my beading days,  and children's books i am going to keep, and which ones can go on to someone else.  

5. But it also means we have the joy of looking for a new house!  I love looking at houses and helping my parents look is fun because they have some specific requirements.  They need to have everything on one level, so at least one bedroom and a full bath on the main floor, and room to put the laundry upstairs too. They also want something with character, something built before the 1950s, which leads to issues of UFIs and asbestos.  Oh joy, i know it is out there somewhere!

So I am going to say that good things are going on here.  Except for the snow that came down yesterday and froze today.  We could have done without that.  

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Hey We were begining to wonder when you were going to post something