Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring is sprung!

Spring is here!  These picture were taken a few days ago.  it is not so nice and sunshiny today, but we can still claim spring!  the plants think so at least!

Soon, these guys will be cut down and we can stop having little grass stars stuck to our coats and start being attacked by a new crop of thick blades of ornamental grass on bare legs.  oh spring, what marvels you bring!
this is one of two snowdrop plants that are out.  they are the only thing flowering right now. so cute!  they are also up in one of our neighbour's gardens, the only live plants in her beds all year, once they are gone she will plant her silk flower garden for the season.
someone practiced her hiding to gear up for Easter while her ma took pictures.  i figured if i couldn't get at her she was safe from the local predator, Leo the cat.  plus Leo has a bell, so i figured i would hear him coming.  then i remembered that baz has a bell as well.  then baz got dragged out from under the bush. she was not happy.  she has been making her displeasure known for the rest of the week in the production of other "treasures".

and what else comes with spring?  finally a few more thesis revisions and permission to send things to my second reader!  huzzah!

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