Friday, March 20, 2009


well, i have just been informed by my thesis advisor that it will be impossible to defend my thesis before the end of term. that means no june graduation. that means one more semester of tuition. that means no job at the archives, unless i can convince them that being finished and passed but not convocated is the same thing as being graduated. not that i have heard anything from them in any case.

i thought i could get this done and over with! i have been in limbo for almost a week and a half waiting to get any feedback from my advisor and it took forwarding an email from the grad secretary asking telling me when i had to have things in by to get anything out of him, and he still hasn't sent me the revisions.


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Queen of West Procrastination said...

Oh goodness, C. I remember too clearly what it's like. (But with your added bonus of a supervisor who doesn't send back revisions! Grrr indeed.) I'm not sure how our university does it, but if you get yourself defended and passed, you could get a letter saying that you're defended and passed and will be awarded your degree at the next possible convocation date. Our university even let me register and get my funding with just the confirmation that I'd passed my defense and that I'd completed my convocation requirements.

Have you looked at Grad Studies's website for defense information? There's a form that you fill out and hand in with your completed thesis, and then the defense happens at least 20 days after that's handed in. And you'll need all your committee names by then, too.

(You can do this, C! We're rooting for you!)