Saturday, May 2, 2009

Forget one little thing.....

I am currently housesitting for friends who have a cat.

Tigger is a very good cat most of the time, especially if there is the potential for the involvment of food that will go into his tummy. Make any move during the day and he is convinced that it is dinner time. Even if you have only just fed him a few minutes before.

He generally ignores you for most of the day, unless you are having a bad day, and then he curls up on your lap.

But in the time when the promise of food is imminent, he is infinitely affectionate. He curls around and around your feet (stopping your progress to the food, but he has to make it look like he is good and deserves it). He'll jump up onto the counter and rub his head on your chin while you are trying to get out some kibbles. If you pick him up, he will give you a big hug, one paw on either shoulder, and purring, rub his head on your face. so sweet. I admit that during my bad day yesterday, i got up a few extra times just to get some kitty love. shameful, i know.

anyway, he has issues with food first thing in the morning. he is so excited about the morning that he can get a little sick sometimes. so first thing, he only gets 5 kibbles and no water until his tummy settles.

this morning, i was very tired, and forgot to take away his water, and then promptly went back to bed.

I thought all his meowing was to get the rest of his food, so i burrowed further under the covers, until he came in, and yaked up some spit on my carpet.

I eventually located no less than 8 spots of cat puke. 8! from 5 little kibbles! He even puked on the window! luckily it was mostly just clear liquid and half chew kibbles, but still! ewwww! and 4 of them were on the only little patch of carpet in the house of course!

cats are gross. i am imminently greatful that rabbits can't puke. i just wish they would cuddle more. the warm purring cat makes a much better water bottle.

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